Sunday, January 13, 2013

My First Filofax

This is my newest obsession.  It's merged with one of my oldest obsessions....stationary and office supplies.  It's my Holborn Personal Filofax.  I have had organizers for years, mostly Day-Timer and DayRunner.  I enjoyed both kinds immensely.   In recent days I had tried to go to only using my phone for everything (Blackberry and then iPhone).  I even got rid of all my old planners and inserts when I purged all my "un-necessary" paper during the great simplicity push I made recently.  Alas, I have found that I miss much of my paper.  I am slowly building it back up.  I'm sure that other posts will talk about it.  But for right now....enter Filofax.  I was first introduced to it on Pinterest ~ where I've been hiding out to get away from Facebook, Twitter and the news since the election...politics overload...and what did I find there you ask...but a large group of people who are as in love with office supplies, stationary, paper, and organizers as I am!  At any rate I'm now spending time reading Filofax blogs, watching videos, and generally enjoying myself with restocking my desk and life with the necessary organizing, journaling and paper loving necessities.  I'm expecting an order of 2 page per day inserts from Franklin Covey tomorrow (ordered on Friday) and will no doubt take more pics and post them once they arrive.  Even now my Holborn looks different then in the picture.  It's been personalized and is starting to look well loved.  I'll also post pics of some of the inside...but first I have to take them.

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