Saturday, January 19, 2013

Second Book...

A few days late in writing this but I finished the second book on Thursday with "A Study In Scarlet".  I seem to be on a Sherlock Holmes kick.
As a big fan of the show "Sherlock" on PBS I was interested to see the difference between the original story and the modern interpretation.  I'm familiar with the originals of most they have done so far (my favorite being A Scandal in Belgravia based on A Scandal in Bohemia) but not this one.
It was very interesting to see how they came to live together and Watson's change of mind about Holmes during the course of the book.  
I was also thinking that it's portrayal of Mormons would never have flown in our modern day.  If it came out now, I would imagine there would be lawsuits and protests.
All in all though a good plot that kept me up till 2:00 am to see how it all ended.

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