Sunday, September 9, 2012

And The Kitchen Progresses....

Today being Sunday I didn't have a lot of time for getting things done.  
I did however do something that is going to make not only me happy, but my family as well.
Since we moved in here I've kept the baking dishes and pot lids in the oven.  The cabinets on either side have been filled with many other cooking vessels, storage containers and gadgets.  Many of these were removed recently when I cleaned out the other kitchen  cabinets.
Today Hubby and I pulled all the pots and pans out of the cabinets and went through them.  We decided on which to keep and which to throw away.  The result was less to store and we put them in the bottom of the two cabinets that will hold all we really use to cook.  The more often used in the front and the less used in the back.  This left a large pull out shelf for the baking dishes and pot lids that had been in the oven...and had to be removed every time we used it.  Yes, that was as much of a pain as it sounds.
So now things are in better order, there's less to deal with, and using the oven and broiler is simplified...mission successful!

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