Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sherlock, Bilbo and all my other friends....

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The time has come to start thinking about "real" versus digital when it comes to some of the biggest clutter culprits of all....books, music, movies (and TV shows), pictures, etc...
What am I going to do with all the DVDs, CDs, photos, books and papers that I've acquired in my 50+ years on this earth.
I'm only looking at the tip of the iceberg right now...I have boxes and boxes of them packed away, that all need dealing with.  I don't want any of the boxes to remain when I'm done.
The books are probably the easiest.  For one thing I had already started converting them to digital with my Kindle last year.  Most of the things that I want to read are now on there (except for my Bible which I prefer to keep in written form), and all that I now buy, I buy for the Kindle.  Hubby and I used to spend at least one afternoon a weekend at a bookstore and come home with a bag full.  I miss those trips, but all the Borders alas are no more, and I can't stand that long anymore anyway.  So books are easy.  I'm planning on giving them to either people or a thrift shop.
The cookbooks are a different story to be covered in another post.
Pictures are going to be very time consuming, but I've decided to go digital.  My printer has a scanner and so I'm planning on going through the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I have and put those I want to keep on my computer.  This will necessitate getting a back up service, but it will be worth it I'm sure in the savings on space and clutter.  Also if I should ever decide I want to do anymore scrap-booking I can do it digitally.
Hubby and I are still in negotiations about the DVDs.  He's of a mind to keep them in real form, I'm not sure.  Any more we buy from now on will be digital.
CD's are fairly easy.  Most of them are already on our computers and iPods.  Most of those can be donated.
It all sounds so easy...I have a feeling it's going to be a little more difficult to execute.   

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