Monday, September 3, 2012

Decals, Drawer And An Under-sink Disaster

OK, so today didn't turn out quite the way I'd hoped.  I'd had delusions of grandeur about getting everything I wanted done while Hubby was home for the day.  It didn't work out that way.  
I did get the large drawer in the hutch cleaned out.  I threw out old place-mats  craft supplies, cards and old flatware that had rust issues which I haven't used in ages.  I kept the menu folder..with only our favorite places in there...the power cords for my phone and Kindle, and a picture of my daughter she'd made into a Christmas ornament when she was a Brownie.
I also tackled the decals I had plastered on our kitchen cabinets when we moved in ~ made from Victorian "scrap" bought at a reenactment village nearby using a glue stick.  I put them on really well.  It took about an hour to soak and scrape them off.  Hubby wanted to go and get a razor blade but I was afraid that would gouge the doors.  They finally came off, and the cabinets look no worse for can't even see where they used to be.  I took before pics but not after ones...I'll see if I can post them tomorrow.
Then the real mess happened!
I had wanted Hubby to get under the sink and throw out everything under there.  I figured we'd make a clean sweep of it.  Unfortunately it looks like we've had something leaking under there for some time.  The wood is totally warped,  there's a puddle, and the stuff down there is disgusting.  We're getting someone in tomorrow (hopefully) to deal with it all.  In the meantime we're not using the sink.  It's a real pain not having a sink in the kitchen!  Hopefully they can get it done in one day.
>>>>>>I forgot when we loaded our truck up with the bags and boxes of garbage we'd collected for the dumpster we also got rid of the old bundles and bags that had been living in the back.  So now the only thing back there is a slide projector that has to go back to my sister the next time we see her.  OK, so maybe we got more done today then I thought.  

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