Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Start

I've decided to embark on a new way of living.  A way that has at it's core simplicity.  And I'm going to take you with me.

I'm sure that I'll make mistakes along the way, but no path worth taking doesn't.  

Some who know me may think I have a fairly simple life right now.  My kids are grown, my grandkids are children and not babies anymore.  I have been married to the same man for 32 years (33 within the month).  I have no career, but have taken care of both our parents at different times and have had many jobs that allowed me to raise my children along the way.  I am handicapped now, but hope not to remain that way...I'll get into that later perhaps.

This is not just a trip to a simpler exterior life...but an interior one as well.

Much will be discarded along the way, but the good and the necessary will remain.


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