Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rather a slow day ~

I had a rather slow day today.  I went through a lot of papers, cards and mementos and threw out the one's I didn't want to keep.  I started the pile of scrapbooking and art supplies I'll be giving to my nieces.  
I wrote to my pastor about the proper method to deal with the 80+ Bibles that I have.  I will be giving many away to churches and charities but there are some that will have to be done away with, and I am not comfortable with just throwing them away.  We shall see what he says.  
My son's girlfriend knows of a used book store in PA, and says that she will take many of my other books up there.  She'll also get first look to see if there's anything she wants to keep as she's an avid reader.  I'm happy to say that she may also take some of my art supplies and will help me to organize as I figure out what to dispose of and what can be donated.
I found some very interesting videos on simplicity online today.  They were about more simple living but also the spiritual aspect of it.  I have to say I agreed with his assessment that the more we own, the less room for the spiritual we leave.  Jesus spoke of selling our possessions and giving to the poor; St Francis began his life for Jesus by giving away all that he owned even his clothes and starting out with nothing.  I find the more I give away and throw out the better I feel.  I don't know how far I'll get with this, only time will tell.  

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