Friday, September 7, 2012

What A Mess!

I was hoping I could do this process in an orderly fashion and get one thing done at a time.  It's not working out that way.  Nothing seems to want to be done all at once so everything is pretty much all over the place.  I have pictures I'm going through, art supplies I'm deciding on keeping or getting rid of, furniture I'm cleaning out and donating and that's just in one little corner of this room.
I know it's all going to be worth it when it's done, and I'm going to be very thankful to have it finished.
My sister gave me a great piece of advice yesterday.  Sort and throw out the pictures you don't want before you start scanning.  I narrowed down the one's I'm going to be keeping by at least a hundred this evening alone.
I've packed up one box to go to my niece's full of art and scrapbooking supplies, and given away two large organizers with drawers.  I've disposed of my old DayRunner and have totally switched over to my phone.  My address book will be next to go.  
Tomorrow we move the scanner next to my desk so I can start putting in pictures.  Slowly, very slowly this will all start to feel much better.  A journey indeed...not just a destination.

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